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Dinner Cruise (Non Alcohol)


Unique Night Cruise with Dinner and Traditional Show!

Our cruise show gives you an opportunity of having great time in Istanbul with open buffet dinner, unlimited local drinks and traditional entertainment. You will have chance to see fine examples of Turkish Folk dances which represent thousands years of Anatolian Culture, belly dance show with Sultan ceremony. Our live music performers ErtanVIsrafil will enchante the night with their live performance. We ensure you will let your self go with the rhythm!
Once you feel tired of dancing and having so much fun, you will have a chance to escape to watch beatiful night landscape of Istanbul and Bosphorus on the upper deck of our boat SEREMONI.

Our dinner cruise show will be an unforgettable memory of your visit to Istanbul!



Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Turkish Night Show

Ottoman Nights Dinner Cruise Program
Open Buffet Dinner
Cruise along the beatiful Bosphorus while you have your dinner with fine choices of traditional Turkish mezes, salads and main courses.
Whirling Dervishes
You will have a chance to see the Sufi Ceremony of mystical ritual of the Mevlevi Order. This ceremony which is called “Sema” in Turkish language, is a journey of spiritual asking and love. An unmissable and astonishing experience of music and kind of dance performance.
Sultan Ceremony and Ottoman Janissaries
Lets enjoy the Sultan sword ceremony! Feel the magnificence of Ottomans with the interpretation of Janissaries fight with music and moves.
Gipsy Girls
Another traditional folklorique dance performance of Anatolian traditional life.
Live Music
Well known duo ErtanVIsrafil will perform lively with their own and international songs to warm up the night. At the end you may ask a signed CD of them too.
Girls Henna Ceremony
This is a before wedding party which is a tradition of thousands year and still highly kept alive, performed on almost all mariages in Turkey.
Turkish Folk Dance Performance
Turkey has a rich tradition of folk dancing with dances performed at all social occasions and we have different regions which has its own dances reflecting cultural life of that region. We are goingt to present you a nice potpourri of Anatolian Folk Dances from different regions.
Belly Dance Show-Mezdeke
Belly dance is an indispensible performance of happy days like wedding, circumcision for Turkish culture and you will be happy of being a part of this happiness.
DJ Music Party
And who can stop you now? Let’s dance!


– Bosphorus Cruise along Asian and European shores for 3.5 hours
– Unlimited non alcoholic local drinks and tea
– Roundway transfer from town hotels (Hotel pick up and drop off)
– Traditional Show & Live Music
– Open Buffet Dinner with various type of mezes (haydari, saksuka, etc), hot starters(rice, pasta, etc), main courses (meat balls, chicken kabap, etc) and Turkish dessert baklava with fruit


-Alcoholic drinks
-Imported beverage
– Coffee
– Nargile (Waterpipe)

Dinner Cruise Menu

While our boat sail along the beatiful Bosphorus, you will have a nice dinner by our open buffet which includes

– Various types of Turkish mezes like Haydari, Saksuka, Cokertme, etc
– Mixed and Green salads
– Hot starters like pasta, rice, etc
– Main course with meatballs and chicken kebaps
– Turkish dessert Baklava with fruits
– Unlimited soft drinks like Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Boxed Fruit Juices


– Families
– Couples
– Friend or business groups
– All visitors of Istanbul who likes to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul by night with a great show and dinner.


You’re going to be picked up from your hotel and transferred to our ship at the given time of your reservation.

You will have your dinner on board and watch the show while the cruise goes on along the Golden Horn and Bosphorus.

Our show and cruise is over around midnight, the boat will be back at the starting point and you will be dropped back to your hotel by our transfer buses.


Advance reservation is required as we have a certain capacity for each night.
VISA or MASTER CARD is accepted.
All reservations are final and can not be canceled within last 24 hours.
Fee for children below the age 7 years is free and 25 EUR for the age between 7 and 12 years.


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